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Salamander Stem Cells

Many of you were asking excellent questions about the role of stem cells in Salvatore the salamander. Below are links to answer some of your questions: Limb Regeneration – Do Salamanders hold the key? Salamanders Can Regrow Hearts – but… Continue Reading →

Cell Division and Mitosis

Today you will be choosing to view simulations or videos to help you describe and model the process of the cell division cycle.   Simulations to view: Videos to View: Quiz Yourself:  … Continue Reading →

Thinking about the Nucleus and it’s role in a Neuron

The main function of the nucleus in the neuron is to synthesize proteins for the neuron. These proteins are required for the renewal of the axon and for the membranes of the entire neuron. A neuron has to be able… Continue Reading →

Resources to help you revise and explain Neuron Signaling

Learning Objective: I can revise and edit my model of neuron communication to show how a neurotransmitter works. Worktime: The following is site has a great description of how a neuron sends signals through the use of neurotransmitters. Neuron Signaling… Continue Reading →

Life and Death of the Neuron

Homework: Life and Death of a Neuron   To see how neural axons grow try out the following interactive simulation. Axon Interactive Click on the links once you have completed a level to see the various types of neurons that… Continue Reading →

Creating an Initial Cell Model

Today you will be creating an initial model diagram of how cell’s structures, systems, products and cellular reactions are specialized for the essential functions of life. Remember the Essential Functions or Characteristics of Life are: Reproduction Growth and Development Cellular… Continue Reading →

Welcome T.E.C. Scientists!

Hello Biologists, welcome to Ms. H’s 2014-2015┬áSciblog. Here you will have access to multimedia including videos, podcasts, current events, simulations, games and websites. If you would like to see additional content on a specific topic or standard please comment on… Continue Reading →

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